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Shuperb Migration Case Study

Shuperb Migration Case Study

Project Overview

Shuperb.co.uk, a leading UK-based footwear retailer, hired us to move their large e-commerce platform to Shopify. This change was aimed at improving the website’s functionality, speed, and ability to handle more customers.

Our Challenges

The main challenge was dealing with Shuperb.co.uk’s huge online presence, which included nearly 10 million pages. There was a big risk of losing information and harming the website’s search engine rankings during the move. It was critical to ensure a smooth transition that kept existing search rankings stable.

The Solution

Website Structure Overhaul

We revamped the website to make it more user-friendly and easier to navigate. This involved reviewing the current website layout thoroughly and identifying key areas that needed work.

Page Merging and SEO Preservation

To handle the large number of pages, we merged many pages that didn’t get much traffic while keeping those that were important for search engine visibility. This not only made the website easier to manage but also strengthened its search engine optimization by focusing on pages that perform well.

Platform Transition

Switching to Shopify involved careful planning and careful action. We made sure that all product information, customer details, and past transactions were moved correctly to the new platform.

The Results

After moving to Shopify, we’ve worked on general post-launch maintenance activities, which helped to minimize the organic performance dips after the migration. The careful focus on SEO during the migration helped maintain or even boost the site’s search engine rankings, ensuring it stayed visible and competitive.

Shopify’s tools made it easier to manage the site and grow, which was in line with the client’s goals. 


In summary, our thorough approach to SEO and web migration played a crucial role in the successful shift of Shuperb.co.uk to the Shopify platform. This case study demonstrates how a well-planned strategy can effectively handle platform changes and maintain search engine value during major website migrations, ultimately surpassing the client’s expectations by delivering a strong and scalable e-commerce solution.

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