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Website Migration Services

Whether you’re migrating one website or a hundred, TriuneDigitals provides comprehensive website migration services, ensuring no harm to your SEO throughout the process.

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Website Migrations Can Be Overwhelming

At TriuneDigitals, we’ve become synonymous with expertise in the realm of website migration. Our journey spans numerous successful projects, each one handled with precision and a deep understanding of the nuances involved: e.g “WordPress Website Migration” and “Shopify Website Migration,” always prioritizing the preservation of your hard-earned SEO rankings.

Our strategies are crafted from “Website Migration Best Practices,” ensuring that your previous marketing efforts remain intact and continue to boost your digital presence forward.

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In the Research phase, we analyze SEO data, identify potential challenges, evaluate website architecture, check content to plan a smooth website migration.


We provide tailored advice on SEO strategies, content optimization, and technical aspects to improve the website migration outcome.


We execute the migration plan, ensuring every detail from SEO to content and technical setups is smoothly transitioned to your new website.

A Customized Approach to Website Migration

At TriuneDigitals, we stand out with a unique approach to website migration. Our process is split into two key phases: pre-launch, and post-launch audits/monitoring.

This method ensures every detail, from URL mapping to correct redirection, is handled with precision.


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Prelaunch Audit

At this phase, TriuneDigitals employs a unique, custom migration checklist, ensuring a thorough and well-organized SEO migration process. One of the most important task during this phase is URL mapping, where we diligently align old and new URLs to preserve SEO value and user experience.

  • Current site URL crawl and page inventory
  • Analytics benchmarking
  • Comprehensive URL redirect mapping
  • Internal link updates

Postlaunch Audit

TriuneDigitals continues monitoring and comprehensive reporting to ensure that migrated website maintains optimal performance and SEO stability. We promptly identify and address any issues, keeping you informed with detailed reports.

  • Crawl your website to identify errors
  • Report on benchmark metrics
  • monitoring

Get Our Custom Migration Checklist

Complex Migrations Made Easy

Depending on your goals, website migration services can touch different aspects.

URL structure change on a domain or subdomain level

Altering your URL structure, whether at a domain or subdomain level, involves a careful redirection strategy to preserve SEO value and ensure users and search engines are seamlessly guided to the correct pages. This type of migration necessitates a detailed mapping from old to new URLs and vigilant monitoring to address any arising issues promptly.

Top-level domain to a country-code Top-level domain

Transitioning from a generic top-level domain to a country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) is a strategic move to strengthen your website’s presence in a specific geographical market. This type of migration not only signals to search engines the primary location of your audience but also potentially enhances user trust and local search visibility within that region.

Migrating from/to Wordpress

Navigating Platform Transitions: Migrating from or to WordPress involves transferring all website data, including content, design elements, and SEO settings, ensuring that the integrity and functionality of the site remain intact across platforms. This type of migration demands a thorough audit of elements like plugins, themes, and database structures to facilitate a smooth and error-free transition between the different content management systems.

Migrating to Shopify

Switching to Shopify means moving your store data, like product details and customer info, to a new online shop. We make sure your website's visibility on search engines and easy shopping for your customers stays the same, while you get a straightforward tool to manage your online store.

Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS

Moving from HTTP to HTTPS is all about adding a secure layer to your website, protecting your visitors' information. This migration ensures that data exchanged between your site and its users is encrypted, enhancing trust while also favorably impacting SEO rankings due to the preference search engines give to secure websites.

Merging Websites

Unifying Your Digital Presence: Combining websites involves consolidating content, SEO value, and user pathways from multiple sites into a single domain. This migration aims to enhance user experience by providing a centralized platform, while also ensuring that the SEO strengths of the merged websites are retained and leveraged effectively in the unified site.

Website Redesign

Refreshing Your Online Presence: A website redesign involves updating the visual elements, structure, and user experience of your site, while carefully maintaining the SEO equity of existing pages. This type of migration ensures that the refreshed look and improved usability do not compromise the website’s current search engine performance and user engagement.

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Why Choose Triune Digitals?

We understand that you have options when selecting an SEO agency to work with. Here is why Triune is the only agency to choose!

You Prosper - We Grow

Your success is our success. We are experts at helping businesses grow through our diligent, proven SEO programs and resources. When you prosper, our agency grows, and we love nothing more than seeing you excited about more visitors, more sales, and more revenue.

We Drive ROI Results

Our results speak for themselves. The bottom line is all our efforts target one primary objective; to drive more traffic to your website and help you realize an increased ROI through more conversions and more sales. Results are the core of our digital marketing plan.

Transparency is Our Code

We believe in 100% transparency with every client. We will educate you along the way about what we are doing and why. It doesn’t benefit us to keep anything hidden, and we adhere to a code of integrity, respect, and transparency all the way.

Only White Hat Techniques

As part of our SEO practices, we only employ white hat techniques that drive traffic and produce results organically. We do not believe in a quick fix or cheating the system. We will only strategize marketing decisions based on best practices and SEO techniques that won’t get your site penalized.
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