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Desertboots Migration Case Study

Desertboots Migration Case Study

Project Overview

DesertBoots.com, a specialized retailer of desert boots and other footwear, engaged us to transition their e-commerce platform to Shopify. This move was aimed at improving their website’s usability and performance to better serve their customers and adapt to market demands.

Our Challenges

The main challenge we faced was managing the migration of over 22,000 URLs. Additionally, many of the website’s pages were outdated and needed redirection to optimize the site’s structure and improve navigation.

The Solution

Website Structure Optimization

We created a detailed plan for URL mapping to ensure each of the 22,000 pages was accounted for during the migration. This strategy was critical to maintain the integrity of the site’s structure and user experience.

Redirection of Outdated Pages

We implemented a comprehensive redirection scheme for outdated pages, directing them to more relevant, updated content. This step was vital in preserving the SEO value of older pages and enhancing site navigation.

Post/Pre Launch Technical SEO Audits

To guarantee the technical health of the website, we conducted thorough audits before and after the launch. These audits helped us identify and fix any potential issues that could impact the website’s performance and search engine visibility.

The Results

The migration to Shopify was completed without any loss in traffic, which is a significant achievement given the scale of the project. 

Furthermore, we observed an increase in organic performance after post-launch maintenance work, indicating that our strategic approach to the migration and SEO optimization was successful.


In conclusion, our methodical planning and execution of the migration process for DesertBoots.com to Shopify was instrumental in maintaining traffic levels and boosting organic performance. This case study illustrates how effective management of URL transitions and SEO considerations can lead to a seamless platform change, fulfilling the client’s objectives and setting up the website for continued success in a competitive digital marketplace.

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