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The Teeth Blog

The Teeth Blog

Client: Founded in 2017, The Teeth Blog is a small company that aims to inform people about everything related to dental health. On their website, you can find interesting tips and dental products that will help you to save your smile.  The team formed of specialists and teeth enthusiasts will assist you in finding relevant and reliable information about any dental-related topic. 

Category: SEO

Our Challenges

After conducting a thorough analysis of the website, we were able to pinpoint some key issues and challenges that needed fixing. The number one goal and the challenge of the website was to get affiliate leads through the organic channel. However, we all know that affiliate blogs are being strictly reviewed by search engine algorithms. The content available on the landing pages was not SEO wise optimized and lacked CTAs. 

The Solution – What We Did

As we analyzed all of the challenges, we came up with a strategy.  We helped them develop an actionable plan to solve these problems by providing insights into their current site structure and recommendations for future changes based on our findings. This included creating more content-rich pages like blog posts or cluster articles about products to build trustworthiness within the community while increasing organic search traffic through keywords ranking. In addition to help the cause, we outreached the industry professionals and asked them to review the content of the website for accuracy and a lack of misinformation. 

  • Brand Keyword Research & Clustering
  • Brand and Product Research and Affiliate Content Creation
  • New Landing Page Creations 
  • Brand-Based Link Building
  • Technical SEO Optimisations 
  • Internal and External Linking Structure Optimization
  • EAT Optimization

The Results

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so we’ve put a lot of effort to ensure the best results:

  • Higher Organic Traffic
  • Increase in Online Visibility by 68%
  • Boost in Affiliate Revenue by 30%
  • Increase in  Brand Awareness by 45%
  • Increase in Click-Through Rate by 20%
  • Decreased Bounce Rate by 50%
  • High-Quality Backlinks
  • Increase in Conversion Rates by 32%
  • And More!


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