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TTB Case Study

TTB Case Study

Client: The Teeth Blog was formed in 2017 by a team of oral care enthusiasts, and dental specialists motivated to share their experiences and help others with tips to find a perfect smile.

The company differentiates itself from other dental care blogs as they share all its information from a patient-centric perspective.

The Teeth Blog focuses on almost anything dental under the sun — from sharing first-hand reviews on dental care products to services, such as dental insurance. The Teeth Blog also curates content that assists its readers in transforming their oral care routine.

Category: SEO

Project Overview: The Teeth Blog reached out to Triune Digitals to help revamp their SEO efforts and target a larger audience.   

Besides increasing its affiliate revenue, The Teeth Blog also needed an experienced digital marketing partner to position them as the trusted and authority figure in the oral care information field.

We partnered with The Teeth Blog to implement a comprehensive SEO and content marketing strategy that would assist them in achieving their goals.

Specifically, we saw a 232.4% increase in organic traffic and a 30% increase in affiliate revenue within 4 months!

Our Challenges

The Teeth Blog is in the highly competitive oral care field. Having been in business for some time, they saw the potential in the industry, with an increasing number of people seeking services like theirs online.

Search engine algorithms strictly review affiliate blogs and websites. As the company is more focused on sharing relevant dental-related content with its audience, keeping up with algorithmic changes was a big challenge.

To enable them to tap into this audience, The Teeth Blog needed a comprehensive SEO strategy that would help them boost their overall traffic and conversions. This is why they needed the assistance of a results-driven digital marketing agency.

The Teeth Blog was receiving a fair amount of traffic. However, they were aiming for growth. Their main goal was to increase traffic to their website, have more ranking keywords, and increase affiliate revenue.

The Solution – What We Did

Based on the client’s needs, we needed to shift much of our focus to SEO Content Marketing. We developed a robust content marketing strategy to help our client achieve their goals.

Our content marketing strategists implemented our signature 5-step techniques to get us the desired results:

  1. Website Content Audit

    The first step we undertook was to conduct a comprehensive content audit on the website. We focused on all types of content published on the website, from the home page to the blog posts and guides.

    Our main goal of the audit was to identify the various gaps our client’s website was missing, including content and keyword gaps.

    We also had to get a closer look at the numbers the various pages were generating, including visitor behavior. This enabled us to understand their audience and the type of content they responded best to.

  2. Competitor research

    The oral care industry is super-competitive, and The Teeth Blog had various, more successful competitors.

    Our team conducted extensive competitor research and identified a few that gave The Teeth Blog direct competition. These websites ranked high on the SERPs, taking a bigger chunk of traffic.

  3. Content research

    Through the competitor research, we identified a number of content gaps that The Teeth Blog needed to fill to gain visibility and effectively compete with other top websites.

    By analyzing over 1,500 pieces of content from top competitors, we created a new content strategy to fill the gaps that The Teeth Blog had.

    We started by creating topic clusters on different content categories that the website focuses on. This is one way of creating sitemaps and optimizing the site hierarchy, making it easier for search bots and visitors to crawl and browse the website.

    Our team audited and divided existing content into three key categories:

    – Branded content, including product reviews;
    – Supportive content, including how-to guides;
    – Informative content, providing professional information on various oral problems.

    Through this, the website was much easier to browse, as finding the right information became more straightforward.

  4. Keyword research

    We used various top industry tools to conduct extensive keyword research. Our content marketing strategists identified relevant keywords that our client could rank for based on volume and difficulty.

    Our keyword research phase includes various related techniques, such as conducting Share of Voice (SOV) analysis, competitor keyword gapping, etc.

  5. Content creation

    Once we had audited and identified the missing link in our content strategy, our next phase was the execution. Triune Digitals has an in-house team of experienced SEO content writers that implemented the set strategies to deliver results for our clients.

    Google ranks regularly with updated content, and that’s the first step we took — updating existing content for relevance. We also incorporated our targeted keywords into the existing content, making it more appealing to search bots.

    Our next step was creating new content and publishing it on the website. We ensured that each post answered the questions asked by the target audience with clear CTAs that could eventually convert.

    Since mid-August 2022, we have published approximately 20 posts each month.

The Results

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so we’ve put a lot of effort to ensure the best results.

Increased Organic Visibility Within 4 Months!

  • Organic Traffic 232.4% 📈
  • Online Visibility 68% 📈
  • Affiliate Revenue 30%📈
  • Conversion Rates 32% 📈
  • Decreased Bounce Rate 50% 📈
  • Online Visibility 68% 📈
  • Brand Awareness 45% 📈
  • Click-Through Rate 20%📈
  • Decreased Bounce Rate 50% 📈
  • Increase in Conversion Rates 32% 📈

Triune Digitals is a numbers-driven digital marketing agency. From the moment we took over the SEO Content Marketing needs of The Teeth Blog, we started tracking our progress.

Our efforts bore fruits much sooner than projected, and while SEO takes up to 6 months to show results, our unique white hat SEO techniques got our client results within just a month.

When we started working on the website, it had a traffic of 35,658 on the 1st of August, 2022. We saw a slight improvement in traffic by September 10, as the numbers stood at 38,383. Towards the end of October, the traffic had almost doubled to 61,987!

Additionally, we experienced an increase in organic keywords on the website from 24,184 in August to 29,798 by the end of October.

  • The number of new keywords during the last 6 months increased by 8k
  • 208 keywords ranking in the top positions within the same period.
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