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SteelToeBoots(STB) Case Study

SteelToeBoots(STB) Case Study

Project Overview

STB.co.uk, a prominent UK-based supplier of specialty building products, engaged our services to transition their e-commerce platform from WooCommerce to Shopify. This strategic move was aimed at enhancing their website’s usability, performance, and scalability to accommodate their growing market demand.

Our Challenges

The main difficulty with this project was handling the large number of pages on STB.co.uk’s website, which had almost 24,000 pages. There was a big risk of losing data and hurting the website’s search engine rankings during the change. It was very important to make sure the website moved smoothly without dropping in search engine rankings.

The Solution

Website Structure Overhaul

We developed a new, simplified website structure to make the site more user-friendly and easier to navigate. This involved an extensive audit of the existing site architecture and identifying key areas for improvement.

Page Merging and SEO Preservation

To address the large number of pages, we merged several low-traffic pages while retaining those with high SEO value. This not only streamlined the site’s structure but also bolstered the overall SEO strategy by focusing on high-performing pages.

Platform Transition

The transition from WooCommerce to Shopify involved careful planning and execution. We ensured all product data, customer information, and transaction histories were securely migrated to the new platform without any discrepancies.

The Results

Post-migration, we’ve worked on post-launch activities STB.co.uk to minimize any organic performance drops. The new Shopify platform facilitated better management capabilities and scalability, supporting the client’s growth objectives. The careful preservation of SEO during the migration resulted in sustained, if not improved, search engine rankings, thereby ensuring continuous visibility and engagement in a competitive market.

Overall, the project not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations by delivering a robust e-commerce platform ready for future expansion.


In conclusion, Triune Digitals’ proficiency in SEO and web migration played a key role in successfully moving SchoolShoes to the Shopify platform. This case study demonstrates how a carefully crafted strategy can effectively address platform challenges and maintain SEO value during major website transitions.

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