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Client: Cocoricos is the first platform in the market that specializes in real estate tokenization. You will find reliable and trustworthy information about crypto staking, yield farming, tokenized assets, and many more on their page.

Category: SEO

Our Challenges

The website was facing a multitude of problems and challenges when we started. One challenge they put in front of us is the need to rank for different markets; their priority location countries were: USA, Europe, France, UK, and Spain. They also had a brand new site, so we needed to start by making an SEO strategy from the Scratch!

The Solution – What We Did

After analyzing the project and understanding the challenges, we decided to set multiple goals for the project. Each goal had a set of solutions that we needed to put in use. 

  • Incorporate Local SEO for Each Location 
  • New Landing Pages Based on the Business Priorities
  • Localized Link Building For Each Target Market
  • Brand Keyword Research & Clustering
  • Brand and Product Research and Content Creation
  • Technical SEO Optimisations 
  • Internal and External Linking Structure Optimization
  • Asses Performance

The Results

After a short period of working on the project, we achieved the goals we set and are extremely proud to say that the project reached:

  • Increasing the Share of Organic Traffic from 3% to 45%
  • 70% Increase in Brand Awareness 
  • 50% Increase in New Sessions
  • Improved Backlink Profile
  • Increased Domain Ranking from 6 to 28 DR
  • And More!
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